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About Us

Welcome to the About Us page for the Pet Food Manufacturers Association. We pride ourselves on evaluating our pet food manufacturer members on quality, production, facilities and more. Our organization is designed to help you, the pet food manufactuer, with marketing your brand and increasing your sales and revenues.

Some of the Pet Food Manufacturers Association's goals and objectives include: promoting pet food products that are not only safe and nutritious but have great value for spenders, presenting the views of members to US government departments and authorities and strengthening the integrity of the industry by facilitating good relationships between those associated with pet food. It is our aim to achieve a balanced regulatory environment for pet food while also acting as a resource for pet owners, providing education for members and the public.

PFMA's members are organized into a committee structure in which the interests of all are able to be represented. Currently the Pet Food Manufacturer's Association consists of over 200 members that represent all aspects of the pet food industry.


Pet Health Check


The happiest, healthiest pets maintain their correct weight during their lifetime. Overweight or underweight pets may be at risk of developing serious health problems. Take this quick, easy test in order to determine if your pet is at its ideal weight.

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Ways to contribute to partners of PFMA such as Feline Friends, Seeing Eye Dogs for the Blind & the Animal Rights Group.

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